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Welcome Tony Noto to the cast of Classic Alice! He talks about his role as ‘Andrew’, who is the man behind the camera for Alice.

If you haven’t seen it yet, or even if you have, check out our interview with  Elise Cantu!


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Extra content goes live on our ‘out of world’ channel and will be reposted on Kate’s channel starting Tuesday Feb 28th at 9AM PST. Both in & out of world extras, BTS footage, website launches, and more will continue every Tuesday at 9AM PST until the full launch on March 4th! 

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Classic Alice - Behind the Scenes with Elise Cantu!



New video is up! It’s a fun interview with Elise Cantu!

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Here’s a behind-the-scenes interview for Classic Alice that I shot and edited. Check it out and make sure to share and sign up for updates! Episodes begin Tuesday, March 4th!!

In 2005, I helped found a networking group called San Diego Filmmakers. This is the short speech I gave at the anniversary party on December 10, 2013. It’s about the teamwork involved in “Fostering a Filmmaking Community” and what makes SDF so very special.

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‘Classic Alice’ Prepares to Tell Its Story


‘Classic Alice’ Prepares to Tell Its Story

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Produced by Kate Hackett Prod and AntiKaiser, webseries will explore a student’s journey to live life according to classic literature.


BURBANK (January 7, 2014) — Intent on integrating classic literature with the modern world, Kate Hackett Productions and AntiKaiser officially announced on Tuesday the upcoming release of Classic Alice, a vlog-style webseries set at the fictitious New England college, Valeton University. The story centers around title character, Alice, who decides to film a documentary about living life according to classic literature after receiving a bad grade on an essay. Alice will be played by series writer/creator Kate Hackett. Her previous webseries, Kate and Joe Just Want to Have Sex, generated over 230K views on YouTube during 2013. Hackett will be joined by Tony Noto playing Andrew, Alice’s filmmaker friend who helps her document her exploits, and Elise Cantu as Cara, Alice’s roommate.

Hackett explains that, “One of my very earliest passions was reading; I loved falling into books and always wished I could BE there, with the characters, experiencing their worlds. Writing ‘Classic Alice’ lets me play pretend on that level too, so I’m delighted that it’s moving forward and that I get to slip into Alice’s shoes.”

The first season of Classic Alice will be directed by Josh Compton. Compton’s previous directing experience includes the short film The Terrible Thing and the TV pilot Matted. Classic Alice also marks the second project Compton has directed that Hackett has written and starred in. He also produced a finalist entry for the Coca-Cola refreshing filmmaker competition in 2010. Serving the role of cinematographer will be Jared Hoy, who has previous webseries experience on The Guild, The Legend of Neil, and Video Game Reunion. Hackett will also be executive producing the series alongside Aaron Matthew Kaiser, CEO of AntiKaiser. Kaiser is known for his 2004 short film Three Lives, starring Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth) as well as producing a finalist entry in the 2009 Doritos® “Crash the Super Bowl” competition.

“I fell in love with this series within just a few pages,” said Kaiser. “The way Kate crafted the script to give a sense of action in a dialogue-driven format really intrigued me. I knew I had to be involved and do what I can to help make this project successful.”

In addition to the episode run, Classic Alice will be incorporating transmedia elements into its presentation. Character accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and more will create additional content to supplement what viewers will watch on screen. This will allow the audience to participate and engage with the material in a broader way than traditional media allows and truly let the character of Alice Rackham into their lives.

Production is currently underway on the six-episode first season with a release date slated for Spring 2014. To receive additional updates, sign up for the Classic Alice mailing list at

About Kate Hackett Productions

Kate Hackett Productions is the production company Kate started when SAG demanded she have a production company name while filing paperwork. To date, it has produced several shorts on Funny or Die, YouTube shorts, a web series, and even a music video. Kate writes and produces not only her own projects, but others’ as well.

For more information, please visit

About AntiKaiser

AntiKaiser, Inc. is an independent development company for the entertainment marketplace. Its primary focus is the creation, ownership, and licensing of unique intellectual properties across all available platforms with a mastery in film, television, anime, and digital publishing. Founded in 1998, AntiKaiser incorporated in 2012 and has corporate headquarters in Burbank, CA.

For more information, please visit

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For more information, press only:

Aaron Matthew Kaiser, 818.217.0050,


Mere Steps Away

I had searched
These many years;
Looked high and low
Across far frontiers.

No one knew
Where to obtain
This thing I sought
In my fool’s campaign.

Was she here?
Or is she there?
My quest for love
Was my solemn prayer:

“Fill a void
And mend this ache!
Help me to find
While I’m still awake”

Home I came,
My hands filled naught.
My friends all saw
How I was distraught.

But in the crowd
A face shown new.
I cracked a smile
That was long since due.

Golden hair
And eyes of blue;
My heart leapt out
And away it flew!

Afar I went,
Yet here she stood.
Mere steps away,
Where God said she would.

Laughter came
When we did chat;
All hours of night
About this and that.

Deep in love
We both did fall;
More so each day
Would our hearts enthrall.

“Lucky me,”
I’d say to her.
“Compared to you,
I’m a mangy cur.”

None of that,
She’d let me say.
The same she felt!
So we met halfway.

Never felt
A love like this;
And more it grows
With each lovers kiss.

A group of diverse friends drive up to a cabin in Lake Arrowhead to celebrate the 4th of July. I’m not the only one that thinks this sounds like a horror movie, right? Unfortunately for everyone else, it turns out that I was the killer. And I *really* get into my roles. O_o

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